4 Ways to Make Your Article Creative and Interesting

Frequently, when it comes to article writing, the end result can be pretty mundane. I’ve lost count of how many times interestingI’ve started reading an article in anticipation of being entertained and enlightened, only to be bored to tears.

I hope you won’t feel that way about this particular article! But if you struggle to be creative here are some pointers that will be helpful to you. By understanding these tips, you will end up making your article writing more useful and powerful.


Yes I know, articles are made up of hundreds of words, but it is the choice of words that can make all the difference. Don’t stuff your article with big, impressive words that no one understands when something more concise will do. Also try to use interesting words whenever possible.


The structure of your article can also have an effect on its interesting-ness. Long blocks of text can be a complete turn-off. Go for short sentences and paragraphs to create an article that is compelling. Don’t use five words when one will do.

The simple way to achieve this is to write a ‘How to’ article. This way you are specifically dealing with exactly what the title indicates, and you are meeting a need of your reader. As long as you stick to the topic and teach them how to do it, you will succeed at writing an interesting article, well, for them at least.

Tell ’em a story

Another to generate interest is to include a story of how what you are writing about has helped someone else. Everyone loves a story or anecdote so exploit it, use it and entertain with it.

Offer information

Finally you can keep your article interesting by offer information that is rarely found elsewhere and quite possibly information that you alone can offer.

There you go, now you can go forth and be creative with your articles.

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#1 Rab on 03.05.09 at 11:18 pm

Another great way is to include examples of people stories or something people can relate to – it’s a common journalistic technique, and works!


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