What is the Freelance Copywriter’s Blog?

In a nutshell, it is a blog that will contain some of the best copywriting hints and tips you’ll ever find on the internet.

It is a resource for copywriters, business owners and those who enjoy writing and perhaps want to take their skill to another level.

By bookmarking this site you will be the first to learn about:

  • how to write sales copy effectively
  • how to avoid common copywriting mistakes
  • how to create optimised webcopy
  • how to keep those creative juices flowing

and much more besides.

Who is Sally Ormond?

Let me answer that for you. I am a freelance copywriter with a wealth of writing experience.B&W small

Based in Suffolk, I have worked for large corporations and small businesses on a freelance basis. I have worked for a number of industries. Now there is a rumour going around that you have to specialise in an industry in order to write effectively about it. Well, guess what? You don’t.

Many copywriters who specialise are excellent writers, but just think about this for a moment, how many different angles are there when writing about waste disposal before you start to get stale? Exactly, very few. Therefore even if I haven’t written for your particular industry don’t click on by, let me try. I will guarantee that my fresh eyes will create something bold, exciting and original. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd not merge in.

But do I really need a copywriter?

That is really for you to decide, but one thing I am sure you’ll agree with is that the key to successful advertising and marketing is to engage, impress and persuade your reader to take action. The way that is done is through compelling sales copy.

Good freelance copywriting will inspire and motivate your target audience by producing copy that is lively, relevant to your market place and, above all, compelling. After all, what’s the point in having a flashy website or eye catching brochure if the words they contain are boring, uninspiring and just plain dull?

Won’t it be expensive though?


What is expensive is that rather flashy website you have just paid for that looks great but isn’t appearing in any search engines and doesn’t do anything other than describe your product or service. All too often the actual content is overlooked or viewed as secondary. But it is the carefully crafted words that will cajole and attract your customers.

If you want to have a no obligation chat about copywriting get in touch. You can learn more about the copywriting services that I offer by visiting my website.

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