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Twitter Vine – How to Use it For Business

What is Vine?

It’s a way of capturing and sharing short looping videos. When we say short, we mean short, in fact 6 seconds of short. Adding them to your tweets gives you a whole new dimension through which you can engage with your audience.

That’s all sounds great, but how can it be used in a business situation?

Here at FCB, we’re always scouring the internet to find the best information on areas beyond our own expertise and this post from Socialmediaexaminer.com fits the bill when it comes to this particular subject.

The post goes through 16 ways businesses are using Twitter Vine to:

  1. Engage their followers in conversation
  2. Highlight their brand advocates
  3. Display their work for a client
  4. Offer relevant historical trivia
  5. Celebrate the holidays
  6. Get people excited about a new product
  7. Take people inside their office
  8. Attract customers to your exhibition stand
  9. Educate and amaze
  10. Bring people into their stores
  11. Tell their brand’s story
  12. Promote a contest
  13. Bring presentations to life
  14. Show off their products
  15. Give fans what they want
  16. Just randomly amuse their audience

Grab a coffee and take a look at the videos and see if they can give you the inspiration you need to dive into Vine.

You can see the post here: 16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine