How to Make Your Landing Page Work

Q: How do you create a landing page that works?

A: Write a powerful headline.

Of course, the content and call to action must be pretty damn good too, but the headline is where the power lies.

The qualities of a powerful landing page headline

You headline should possess the following 4 qualities:

  1. It should be focused – no waffle, get straight to the point
  2. It must be relevant – the headline must reflect the offer being made on your landing page
  3. It must show benefits – tell you reader what problem your offer will solve
  4. Give it urgency – make the offer time limited

I know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of information to pack into one headline.

You’re right it is, which is why you should use a combination of headline and sub heading to pack it all in.

For argument’s sake, you’re a company that provides email marketing services to small businesses and you want to encourage them to sign up for your free trial.

How can you apply the 4 qualities above?

Focus: You offer email marketing for businesses

Relevancy: You have a free 30 day trial offer

Benefits: It’s simple; customers have control and can design their own emails

Urgency: You decide to double the 30-day free trial period for the first 100 sign ups

With me so far?

I’ve underlined the important stuff.

So, from that, your headline would be something like:

Simple email marketing for your business

Create & design you own emails to forge strong relationships with your customers.

FREE 60 day trial (limited to first 100 sign ups)


That was thrown together quickly, but it gives you an idea.

The final point to remember

There is just one more thing to remember.

Your landing page is there to sell.

That’s why it’s essential its whole focus is on what the product does best and how it will help the reader not how great you and your company are.


Author: Sally Ormond, Copywriter and MD at Briar Copywriting Ltd. Follow her on Twitter and Google+

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