The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

It’s the production and publication of relevant, valuable and interesting content that is aimed at a specific audience.

Why bother with it?

Because once you’ve engaged with your audience, the content is then designed to get them to take a specific action (visit your website, sign up for newsletters etc.)

Who should be doing it?


But they are not the 3 most important things you need to know about content marketing.

What really matters is how you put your content together.

Content marketing 

Make sure you write in the second person and use lots of ‘you’ – this will have the effect of creating a conversational style of writing, which is the best way to get your ideas across.

Then make sure you tell them what they want to know. If you’re writing about marketing, give them something valuable to take away with them. In fact, whatever the subject matter, make sure you give them something that’s valuable to them.

Finally, write it in a way that’s easy to understand. Forget jargon, multisyllabic (big) words and other techno mumbo-jumbo. By keeping your language simple and clear, you’ll enhance your audience’s understanding and come across as an approachable person.

That’s all you need to know about content marketing – so what are you waiting for, crack on.


Sally Ormond is MD of Briar Copywriting and provides copywriting services for clients around the world.

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