Are You Asking Too Much of Your Website Visitors?

Audience engagement is the name of the game.

Everyone is trying to attract as much traffic as possible and then capture as much information about them as possible.

I don’t know about you, but I get a little bit hacked off at the number of sites these days that want you to set an account to access information. In fact, it’s pretty much at the point now that I won’t enter my details and come up with yet another password, instead I’ll move along and see if I can source the information I need another way.

I understand why marketers want to capture my information, but I often wonder whether they’ve actually thought about their web visitors much and the impact it has on them.

To show what I mean, here is an infographic that those lovely people at Convince and Convert have allowed me to reproduce (created by Janrain), which shows why 86% of users may leave a website when asked to open an account.


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