Copywriting – Overcoming Objections

copywriting - overcoming objectionsIn the world of marketing you’ll soon discover that very few people like being sold to.

We want to be sure our decisions are our own and not influenced by someone else.

That’s why very few people will land on a website, think “Wow! I must buy that now” and eagerly get out their credit card.

Before any of us buy (yes, you included) we have doubts – is it really what I need? Can I really justify the cost?

The art of a good copywriter is to overcome those objections within their copy which means getting out their crystal ball.


Because you have to counter their objections before your reader has had the opportunity to work out what they are.

Copywriting that convinces

Whenever you are faced with a buying decision all manner of objections are going to pop into your head. The copywriter has to pre-empt these because copy isn’t about getting the consumer to say ‘yes’, it’s about preventing them from saying ‘no’.

Here are some common objections:

1. I don’t need it

Let’s face it there aren’t that many things we buy that we actually need. Needing something is about not being able to function with out it. To get round this one you have to change that ‘need’ into a want.

I don’t need the small mountain of shoes I have in the bottom of my wardrobe, but I want to look coordinated, stylish and modern hence I want lots of different pairs to go with my different outfits.

2. I can’t afford it

With the current economic climate there’s not a lot left we can afford.

But again if you can convince them they want it they’ll find the money from somewhere. Give them a good enough offer and they’ll just have to buy.

3. Perhaps tomorrow?

If you let them browse and then walk away, they are very unlikely to come back again.

You have to force them into a decision there and then:

  • Create a time limited offer
  • Tell them there is a limited supply
  • Tell them they only have until midnight to place their order or miss out on the offer of a lifetime.

4. Why should I buy from you?

You know you are honest and trustworthy but the consumer doesn’t.

They have just stumbled across your website and don’t know you from Adam. Through your copy you have to convince them of your trustworthiness through:

  • Testimonials
  • Background information on your company
  • Details of your longevity

Your copy must entice, convince and sell if you are to draw in the punters. Remember you have to dispel their objections before they have the opportunity to raise them.

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