The Benefits of Copywriting


Before you run away screaming – this isn’t going to be a post that bangs on about how your business is in dire need of a freelance copywriter – oh, and I just happen to know one – me!

This is all about keeping your copywriting benefits driven.

Identify your benefits

You’re probably sat there now saying…

What’s she on about, of course I know what the benefits of my product are.”

Are you sure about that?

benefits driven copywriting

Let’s take George here as an example. He runs a small business that sells recycled paper goods – things like gift bags, wrapping paper, envelopes etc.

All over his website he mentions that all his products are made from recycled paper and, of course, are also recyclable themselves.

Whoop-di-do, so what?

The fact that his products are made from recycled paper (and are recyclable) isn’t a benefit. It is a feature.

This is a mistake that is made on numerous websites.

If George came up to me and launched into his pitch this is probably how the conversation would go:

George: “You should buy my product because it’s made from recyclable materials”

Me: “So what?”

But, if he changed his approach and concentrated on the benefit, it would go something like…

George: “By buying my recycled product you will also have peace of mind that you are helping the environment and therefore helping us all to work towards a better world”

Me: “Wow, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of it like that.”

(a bit cheesy but you get my drift)

By immediately stating a benefit – i.e. what his product will do for me – he has shown that he understands my needs and has fulfilled them.

Your benefit could be like Georges’, or it could save your customer money, give them kudos, include them in a select community etc. What it comes down to is what your product will do for them – how it will change their lives for the better.

Get your benefits in fast

Once you’ve identified your benefits you have to get them in your web copy.

The most important information must go first so get your benefits in early. Within the first paragraph if you can.

It is the benefit that your reader is going to be looking for but they don’t want to have to work it out for themselves.

Spell it out to them so they trip over it. If you can identify more than one, put them in a bulleted list to draw attention to them.

Don’t be a wall flower – your benefits are what will sell your product so shout about them for all you’re worth.

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