Should You Out Source Your Blogging?

Blogging for business

Now there’s a question for you.

Undoubtedly blogging is one of the most valuable marketing tools available to today’s online marketers.


Because it gives you a platform on which to market your products and services under the radar of your reader. What that means is that you can blog about your services without overtly trying to sell them to the reader. You can write ‘How to’ articles or give out top tips.

Basically, blogging allows you to:

  • raise awareness of your product/service
  • build relationships of trust with your readers
  • raise your profile as an expert in your particular field
  • build back links to your website
  • drive targeted traffic to your website

Blogging does all that?

Of course it does. Take this blog for example. If you look back through the archives you’ll find posts covering just about every aspect of copywriting and marketing you can think of (although I bet you’ll all be rushing now to tell me that I’ve missed something out). Therefore readers of my blog know what type of information they will find.

Displaying my knowledge shows that I am an expert in my field. It shows that I know what I’m talking about so when they are looking for a freelance copywriter, they know I can do what I say I can do – get them results.

When writing my posts I use anchor text, such as copywriting services, to link back to my website building good back links that Google loves.

And because my posts are all related to copywriting, the visitors I get are looking for copywriting information which means I am generating targeted traffic.

DIY vs. out sourcing

I am often asked by small businesses whether I’ll blog for them. My answer is normally no.

OK, it looks as though I’m shooting myself in the foot with that but if you think about it for a moment you’ll see my reasoning.

As I’ve already mentioned, when you blog you are building a relationship with your readers. If you are a small business (1-5 staff) your clients will probably deal with you directly. Therefore if they read your blog posts they’ll assume it is your voice they are ‘hearing’. The more they read the more they’ll think they are building a relationship with you. So what happens when they meet you? If you don’t write your own posts it will be like meeting someone else.

Apart from the odd guest blog, I write all my own posts. I enjoy engaging with my readers and when they meet me, they know it is my expertise that I have been passing on rather than someone else’s.

But if you are a large company outsourcing could be ideal for you. In this case, there isn’t necessarily a single voice that needs to be heard. You’ll have your own brand image, tone and voice so as long as they are adhered to, outsourcing is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, you may have staff members that blog for you which is great. They are at the forefront of your business and can react quickly to customer needs. The important thing to remember is that they must comply to your company’s image.

So there you have it. Blogging is a fantastic way of raising your profile, building your reputation and driving traffic to your main ‘money’ site. What’s more, it’s a relatively cheap way of marketing.

If you aren’t already blogging give it a try – you won’t get results immediately but, but stick with it and you may be surprised at what happens.

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#1 professional copywriter on 02.08.10 at 7:23 pm

As an agency copywriter, outsourcing is always tempting. I guess it depends whether or not you can afford the cost and are happy with the quality. As a control freak I’d find it difficult to rely on other copywriters, also I’d be shifting towards an editor rather than a writer.

#2 Martha Giffen on 02.08.10 at 8:02 pm

I love blogging! Wouldn’t dream of outsourcing it. However, you do make a good point about large companies. SOMEBODY has to write their blog! LOL

#3 Brad on 02.09.10 at 9:11 pm

I don’t know about that. Maybe that is why you don’t want to outsource your articles, but my blog has little to do with me or my “voice”. If I can find someone who can make better entries than me, why not give them a shot?

#4 admin on 02.10.10 at 8:03 am

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your comment. I can see your case is very much like the ‘corporate’ example in the post. If you are not building a relationship with your customers through your blog (i.e. to build trust, expert status etc.) then there’s no reason why not to out source. I guess being a writer it just goes against the grain for me to go down that route. Besides, my blog is a way of showing my writing skills and I can hardly do that if someone else is writing them for me!

Do you out source at the moment? If so do you find it works well for you? I love to get other people’s take on things like this.

Thanks again.


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