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Video Marketing – How to Go Viral

We’ve all seen them – videos that are produced by companies to market their products that go viral. They’re viewed thousands of times by people all over the world. People talk about them and share them through social media.

So how do they do it?

Why is it their video goes global but yours remains unloved on YouTube?

Stop marketing

Stop marketing – are you serious?”

Yes I am.

Think of marketing as a whole rather than just relating to video marketing.

Do you like getting cold calls or unsolicited mail shots?

Probably not – and if you don’t why do you think your customers do?

Here’s a news flash for you, they don’t like it. They don’t like being disturbed during the day by a company they’ve never heard of before trying to sell them something. They don’t like having their inbox cluttered with unsolicited emails and they don’t like getting piles of junk mail.

They would rather you engaged them, got to know them, help them with advice and tips. They can then get to know you, get to like you and get to trust you. That’s when they may decide to do business with you.

OK, going back to video marketing, what do you think a successful video should be like?

A) One that harps on about your company all the time

B) One that makes an emotional connection with the viewer

It’s the emotional connection that will make people want to share your video. Here are a couple of examples of companies that used their videos in precisely that way. They are not blatant adverts – they offer the viewer entertainment and a few laughs which in turn made thousands of people share them offering the companies a perpetual marketing machine.

Samsung’s video which took a novel approach to promoting its LED TVs

Bensons for Beds unique way of promoting their products

T Mobile

A whole new way of thinking

Many companies go wrong because they continue to use the old fashioned advertisement within the new social media context.

Social media is all about engagement not direct selling.

When you use video marketing, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform you must learn to talk to people. Success in these new marketing arenas is all about engaging them, conversing with them, and building relationships.

Your videos shouldn’t be seen as TV adverts, they have to give the viewer something.

Plus, if you want people to share your video make it easy for them. Upload it to YouTube, provide a link to share. If you don’t what was the point in creating the video?

So next time you create a corporate video, forget the direct sell and your company and think about your viewer. Give them something they can engage with, enjoy and want to share with others. That’s when you’ll benefit from viral marketing.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter