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Freelance Copywriting – What it is, what it does, why it works

This blog site has loads of articles about freelance copywriting. But for those of you who are new to the art of copywriting, this blog will focus on giving an introduction to the subject and why it is in such high demand today.

Take a look around you. Every where you look someone is trying to market something to you. Therefore the field of copywriting is large and continues to expand every year.

A way to describe copywriting is putting a creative message in front of a consumer and is based on three fundamental principles:

  • When you are writing to a customer, there has to be an involvement between the customer and the seller.
  • You must make sure that you explain the rewards as far as when the customer is purchasing a product.
  • The final piece is achievement and that is what you as the writer will be focusing on.

Whenever you write copy, you want your readers (the customers) to want a certain product because they will want to gain certain rewards – you know the kind of thing, the product will save them time, money etc. etc. etc.

Come on, anyone can write sales stuff…can’t they?’

A lot of people would like to think that true but it’s not. There is a specific niche for copywriters.  They are the ones who write messages in such a way that it brings about an interest in a consumer.

There are so many ads out there today so consumers won’t respond unless it is something that specifically interests them.  This is why it is more important than ever to have a clear focus when you are writing your copy so that you know which particular niche you’re trying to hit.

There will always be a need for copywriters no matter whether the economy is in a recession or in a boom.  Companies must always put out a message to consumers and as long as this demand is needed, copywriters will be in high demand.

4 Reasons Why Copywriting Services Work

Copywriting Services

So what exactly are copywriting services?

Well, if you are a business that does a lot of marketing – that’s probably just about every business – copywriting services are what can turn your surviving business into a thriving business.

Copywriting is basically another word for sales writing. Therefore you can see how much it would impact on your daily business routine.

There is your website copy, newsletters, email content, blogs, articles…and that’s just for starters. So you see, the strength of your sales writing has a direct effect on your sales performance.

Before you start shouting at your screen – yes I know we are in a recession right now, I know money is tight but whatever you do, don’t trim back on your marketing budget. No matter what the economic climate, marketing is essential.

Don’t believe me?

Well here is a very famous case in point. During the depression of 1929-33(ish) Kelloggs in the USA (whose cornflakes were a health food at the time) continued to promote as heavily with adverts, posters etc as they had been doing before that. By the time the depression was over there were no other breakfast cereals that anyone had heard of and Kelloggs achieved almost instant market domination, a position they’ve held ever since.

See, I told you.

So what are the 4 reasons why copywriting services work?

  1. They keep your product/service visible in the market place and therefore in the forefront of your customers’ mind.
  2. Well written copy will increase your credibility within the market place.
  3. Professionally written persuasive copy will help you by increasing your sales through targeted leads and web traffic.
  4. By hiring a professional to write for you will free up your time to do what you do best.

Therefore it is a no-brainer. To make your company thrive and stand out in the market place you need to invest in professional copywriting services.

You have a great product and service so shout about it.

Copywriters Are Always Plain-Janes

The title of this blog probably needs a bit of explanation before I am ‘virtually’ pelted with stones by the world’s copywriting population.

I don’t mean to infer that every freelance copywriter (or in-house copywriter) is aesthetically challenged. But rather that they understand the value of plain talking.

More often than not, as people grow and mature, they like to try to sound clever by using big words; words that make them feel intelligent. That’s all well and good and our school teachers were always pushing us to extend our vocabularies, but when it comes to copywriting you should resist the temptation.

In sales writing you are trying to connect with your reader therefore a great place to start is using basic, simple and clear language.

Here is a list of 10 words that you might be tempted to use and their simplistic counterparts:

Disseminate                            Spread

Residence                               House

Procrastinate                           Delay

Grandiose                                Showy

Innumerable                            Lots

Investigate                              Look at

Prevent                                    Stop

Construct                                 Make

Implement                               Carry out

Obtain                                     Get

This should be applied to any sales writing, whatever tone or voice you are using. Even the most powerful business people on earth are human and would much rather read something simple than waste their time having to look up the meaning of every second word.

Keep Your Copywriting Active

What do I mean by keeping your copywriting active? Well, I don’t mean filling it with adjectives which simply increase your word count without actually adding any value.

Still not sure?

Think back to the best years of your life – your school days (well, apparently they were the best years of your life, although I’m not entirely sure that applies to every single year of my academic youth). What did your English teacher constantly bang on about?

“Verbs are ‘doing’ words”

Like a stick of rock, if you cut open a copywriter (not that I am suggesting for one second that you should) those words will go right the way through them.

Just as they were in fiction, verbs are important in your sales writing. They drive your writing; they make it active and vigorous. Copywriters love verbs.

But there is a tendency in some in-house copy to turn perfectly good verbs into nouns.

I think an illustration is required:


“Our specialization is the provision of high quality IT solutions (10 words, 55 characters)


“We specialize in solving IT problems” (6 words, 31 characters)

I think that speaks for itself. So remember keep your copywriting active – it will have a much greater impact.

Sally Ormond

A Copywriter Gives Power to the Words

Q: What is the one thing that freelance copywriters are always asked for?

A: Snappy copy.

Ask your client exactly what they mean by ‘snappy copy’ and the response is usually:

“Erm…you know…snappy…punchy…that sort of thing.”

Very insightful.

In order for a copywriter to create powerful copy, they need to utilise power words. These are very basic, simple words that don’t require defining or explaining. Your reader should be able to connect with them immediately.

You want to see some examples? OK. Power words are things such as:

  • Love
  • Hate
  • Cash
  • Care
  • Best
  • Crash
  • Worst
  • Win
  • Lose
  • Huge
  • Risk
  • Fizz

Once a copywriter has created a first draft, their next job is to read through the copy and clear out all the flabby worn-out words and replace them with something more powerful. Of course, the choice of words is going to depend on what you are writing and who you are writing for.

If you are still unsure of what I am getting at, I have listed below some worn-out words and given a powerful alternative.

Worn-out                                                                   Powerful alternative

Cost-effective                                                             Cheap

Impact negatively                                                       Hurt

Optimal                                                                       Best

Upgrade                                                                      Boost

See how much ‘snappier’ the power words are? They will give you copy far more impact.

Sally Ormond