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Making the Most of Your Twitter Testimonials

“Oh no!” I hear you cry. “Not another post about Twitter.”

Bear with me on this one.

Yes, I love Twitter and yes, I have written about it a few times.

If you take a look at the Twitter archive you’ll find everything from using Twitter for business, how to build your followers, Twitter and a return on relationships to why you shouldn’t automate your social media activities.

But there’s one thing I haven’t looked at yet – and socialmediaexaminer.com beat me to it!

Twitter Testimonials

Testimonials are like gold dust.

Everyone knows they show potential customers what you’re like as a company to deal with. They can do wonders for your credibility and are a fantastic sales tool.

Most business owners will ask clients for testimonials or collect them through sites such as LinkedIn. But what about those you get through Twitter? Are you making the most of them?

What do you do when you get something like this?


Do you just tweet “Thanks” or do you use them to your advantage?

Tweets actually make great testimonials.

At only 140 characters they are short and to the point. They are usually full of praise because people write them quickly in a moment of glowing enthusiasm and they’re written for the public domain so you don’t have to ask permission to use them as a testimonial for your business.

How to use them

You can save them by ‘favouriting’ them through Twitter and then those clever people at Twitter HQ have come up with a widget you can use on your website to show your ‘favourite’ tweets.

To find our exactly how to do it, take a look at this post on socialmediaexmainer.com – How To Embed Twitter Testimonials On Your Websiteand make the most of your Twitter Testimonials.