Why Your Title Shouldn’t Summarise What You’re About to Say


There’s a whole world of difference between writing to pass on information and writing to sell.

When your emphasis is on information, whether a report, fictional story or newspaper article, your title gives a summary of what you’re writing about so the reader can weigh up whether they want to read it or not.

That’s not how sales writing works.

You don’t want the reader to take a look at your title and decide whether they want to read or not – you want them to read on.

Granted, you can’t force them to read, but you can encourage them.

How to write sales titles

In the world of sales writing your title is there to tease; it should evoke curiosity, it should fascinate, create controversy or urgency and hint at a mystery that can only be solved by reading on.

If your title tells them everything they need to know straight away, they’ll make a snap judgement on whether they need to read on or not without getting all the facts.

By teasing them and giving them a hint, you’re drawing them in to the copy where they get the full picture and your persuasive words can work their magic because it’s the body of your copy that will do the selling.

Using the power of sub headings

Sub headings help you structure your copy. They act as signposts to your reader, helping them pin point information, but they can also make great teaser-titles.

Let’s say you wanted to write a post about setting up a small business. You’d probably give it a title along the lines of “How to start a small business” or “First steps to setting up a business” or something like that.

But say you had 5 tips to offer budding entrepreneurs. Within your article you’ll probably reference them in a sub heading – “5 tips to getting started”. But why not use that as your headline?

“Follow These 5 Tips and Turn Your Hobby into a Business Success”


What to know more?

So will your readers.

Remember, your title is there to tempt the reader whereas the body of your writing is there to sell.


Author: Sally Ormond, Copywriter, cyclist and mum.

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