Social Media Research You Need to Know About

Social media changes faster than a fast thing. It’s important to read up on the latest comings, goings and techniques if you want your social media strategy to continue to work well for you.

A recent post on SocialMediaExaminer looks at some surprising social media research findings that will affect your social media strategy. Below is a summary of the findings (the link above takes you to the whole article).

1. Facebook – the social login favourite

Research by eMarketer shows that the majority of people prefer to use their Facebook (51%) credentials when logging into websites.

How does that affect you?

Well, if your website requires the user to register before accessing information you could enhance your number of registrations by offering a Facebook login option.

There is a concept known as password fatigue – 92% of shoppers will abandon a website rather than go through the laborious process of recovering a lost or forgotten password. But if you offer a social login, 65% of shoppers are more likely to return.

2. Twitter is the place for social customer service

Twitter is the consumers’ preferred platform when they want to reach out to brands.

Recent research undertaken by Socialbakers shows that 59.3% of customer questions are asked on Twitter, compared to 40.7% on Facebook.

Social media means consumers are used to getting feedback quickly, so it’s important that you train your staff to be responsive to any questions that come through Twitter (or any other social media channel).

Answer their questions quickly (within the hour) and make sure you personalise each tweet with your name or Twitter handle, especially if you use your company logo as your avatar.

When you monitor mentions of your brand name be prepared to jump in and help. If they are having a problem get in tough straightaway and ask if you can help. If they are paying you a compliment, say thank you.

3. Younger audiences don’t unfriend Facebook

There’s been a suggestion recently that teenagers are turning their back on Facebook, but research by eMarketer would suggest otherwise.

Sure, there are other social sites out there that they are attracted to (such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine), but Facebook appears to remain a firm favourite.

The truth is they are multi-platform users. There’s no need to panic, just broaden your use of social media to enhance the experience for them.

If they are cross-platform users, you become a cross-platform user. Offer them information and stories that are relevant to them and that show how other teenagers are engaging with your brand.

Above all, make sure everything you do is mobile friendly.

4. Instagram is rapidly growing

TechCrunch announced in January that Instagram was the platform to watch, doubling its active users in 12 months (180 million in January 2014).

Why do people love it so much? Well, images are creative, interesting and instantly shareable.

You could share your followers’ photos and make them instant stars, create videos that capture the ethos of your brand and ask your fans about their lifestyle likes and dislikes.

Generally, all these platforms allow you to interact with your customers and fans instantly and in an ‘intimate’ way.

You can get instant answers to questions helping you plan future campaigns, provide excellent customer service and generally create a ‘family’ atmosphere that will endear your brand to them.

Hopefully, these stats and survey results will give you some fresh ideas about how to refine your social media strategy.

Over to you

What’s the biggest takeaway for you?

Will you now be changing your social media marketing strategy?

Leave a comment below or share this with someone you think may find it useful.

Author: Sally Ormond, freelance copywriter and MD of Briar Copywriting – once cycled 300 miles in 24 hours for charity.

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