The British Book of Social Media Marketing

British Book of Social Media Marketing

The British are odd folk (I can say that because I am British) – some would say reserved, which perhaps accounts for our reluctance to get stuck in to social media.

There are oodles of guides out there that tell us what we should be doing, but much of the wisdom comes from across the pond, relating to American audiences.

But what about the UK?

“The British Book of Social Media Marketing” by Gemma Thompson addresses the need we Brits have for a straight talking, comprehensive guide as to what on earth we’re supposed to do on social media.

Written specifically for the British market, Gemma explores the various social media platforms, but not in a ‘this is what’s available, get on with it’ attitude, but rather a ‘come with me and I’ll help you find the right solution you need for your business.’ It’s a breath of fresh air.

It makes you stop and think about:

  • What it is you want to get from social media
  • How to place your customer at the centre of everything you do
  • Branding
  • Scheduling
  • Understanding your social media goals
  • How to measure your effectiveness
  • Building your audience and engaging with them

All from a very British perspective.

It’s a great reference tool that you can dip in and out of as and when you try new social networks.

An inspired touch is the downloadable workbook. By having action points throughout the book, you are actively learning and building your own social media strategy as you read.

Offering a mixture of professional marketing tips with practical information gives this book the edge. It doesn’t dictate which platforms you should be using, but rather explains the pros and cons of each and who uses them so you can identify which will be most beneficial to your business.

If you are a British newbie to social media and need a guide to tell you what’s what, the differences between the platforms, how to use them and – possibly more importantly – how to avoid the common pitfalls, this is the book you need.


The British Book of Social Media Marketing is available as a Kindle on Amazon (the link takes you to the Amazon page).


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