Top 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy


As a copywriter, when I talk about sales copy I tell people to concentrate on the benefits.

After all, it is the benefits of your product or service that prospects want to know about as they will have a direct influence on their lives.

But if you’ve ever done any face to face selling you’ll also be aware of the other factors that you need to overcome – their reasons for not buying.

Sales literature is there to sell (no, really?), what’s more everyone knows that. Many people don’t like being sold to and so their guard is instantly raised when they read your letter, web page, brochure or other sales material.

Therefore you have to work out how to get round their objections.

Objection 1: “Too expensive”

Quite often this isn’t a genuine reason – it’s more of an excuse. A quick response that is supposed to get you running for the hills.

The best way round this objection is to show your product or service as an investment. The use of that word suggests there is a future pay back somewhere along the line.

You can do this by highlighting its benefits – how much money they’ll save or how much they’ll make.

Objection 2: “I don’t really need it”

Oh boy, now you’ve got some work to do.

If this objection is thrown at you it means one thing – you haven’t sold the benefits of your product well enough.

Go back over your website copy – have you told them what’s in it for them? Have you shown all the benefits. Make sure you haven’t confused your features with your benefits.

Is the copy talking to them? Does it evoke an emotional response? Have used a story to illustrate how it will benefit them in real life?

If your copy is benefits lead it should blow this objection clean out of the water because it will show them exactly why they need it.

Objection 3: “Hmmm, not sure. I need to talk to someone about it.”

Ah, the delaying tactic.

The best way to get round this one is by having a limited offer – it could be time limited (i.e. the special price is only available for the next 14 days), limited in number (i.e. only 5 left) etc.

No one likes to think they are missing out.

Of course the other way round this is by providing testimonials or case studies. By having real life examples of how your product has helped people will strengthen your sales message. They won’t need to talk to someone else when they have testimonials in front of them.

Being prepared is always having an answer

These three objections are the main ones you’ll come across. Head them off by ensuring your copy answers each of them.

The more objections you can satisfy the better. Utilise your experience – make a note of objections you come across and work solutions to these into your copy.

Sometimes, even though you’ve countered every argument someone can come up with, they still won’t buy. Sadly there is no known cure for stubbornness (yet).

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