Selling Below The Radar

Everyday we are bombarded by an endless stream of marketing Copywriter - selling below the radarmessages. They are on the radio, TV even our cereal boxes so it’s little wonder that more and more of us are becoming increasingly cynical about marketing.

People can spot hype a mile away and they don’t like it. If they think they’re being sold they’ll do their upmost to make sure they don’t buy.

Getting your sales message under their radar

Today, more than ever, copywriters and marketers are having to be more subtle about how they pitch to their audience.

It’s no longer the case that you can blast out an advert or sales letter and people will hand over their credit cards. Money’s tight, people are becoming more canny so you have to get clever.

6 ways you can market below radar

  1. Statistics – convert your marketing pitch into numbers. This will disguise it from those who think they can spot “sales speak” a mile off. Try something like “95% of dog owners reported a marked improvement in behaviour after following SITS training video”.
  2. Make the most of your pictures – pictures always add to your copy so make the most of them. If you add a picture you can be sure your reader will look for the caption, so make sure you give it to them. Rather than something lame like “Puddles hand cream 30ml” try something like “Puddles hand cream – used daily gives youthful, glowing skin”. Because the caption is describing the picture they assume it is the TRUTH.
  3. Testimonials – these work really well if they are attributed to someone your reader might have hear of. Then you get the “well if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me” response.
  4. Case Studies – in a similar way to testimonials, case studies help add the ‘human’ sales angle. And people to love to hear real life stories.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions – whether you are a fan of these pages or not, they give the ideal opportunity to add more reasons why people should buy. For example if there is a question such as “What if SITS training course doesn’t work on my dog?” The answer would be “Not a problem as you are covered by our full money back guarantee.”
  6. Flattery will get you everywhere – cuddle up to your reader as you write to them. Make them feel special – share a secret with them – “Some people haven’t yet discovered SITS training plan. But as you and I know it’s worth the investment because a well trained dog is a happy dog.”

You product is amazing, you know that but you’ve got to get your reader to understand that too. But thanks to the many hyped up marketing messages around, your audience is growing increasingly sceptical.

By using these techniques you’ll slip under their “hype radar” so you can make your point and convince them you’re product is for them.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter

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