Things to Think About When Designing Your Website

First things first, I’m not a web designer or an SEO (search engine optimisation) expert, so this post is written from a business owner’s perspective.

Having gone through 3 website design processes (and currently going through the process for the fourth time), I have learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

Before looking at web design specifically, I want you to think about the content on your site. As a copywriter that is obviously my area or expertise and the way that’s created has a lot in common with web design.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is copy written from the company’s point of view. It tells the reader all about the business, how long it’s been in existence, how they are the leading widget builder in their field, how they value their customers and how reliable they are.


Heard it all before.

There is nothing there that makes them stand out from all the other widget makers.

Why is that so wrong?

Because the only thing the reader is concerned about is themselves. They want to know that your product is going to help them in some tangible way – saving them time, money, making them more successful etc.

What does all of that have to do with web design?

Well, when you start with your web design process you’re more than likely going to think about what you want to see.

You’re going to want to be the owner of the flashiest, quirkiest, most modern looking website out there.

You’re going to obsess over colour, images and fonts.

The problem is none of that stuff is important.

Granted, it’s got to have a professional look to it, but it’s far more important to give your customers what they want.


Because they are the ones you want to buy from you.

Think how your customers are going to view your site – ask yourself what will they want?


  • Clear and logical navigation
  • Useful information that’s updated regulalry
  • Video how-to guides and product demonstrations
  • A simple way to contact you
  • Information that tells them how your products will help them

In other words they want a website that’s easy to use.

How does that measure up with the plans you had?

Remember, when designing your new website make sure you leave your ego (and your web designer’s ego) at the door. It should be designed for your customer. Everything it does should make their life easier. After all, their interaction with your website will probably be the first impression they get of your company, so if it’s all about them and making their lives easier they’re more likely to buy from you.



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