8 Ways to be Tweet-tastic

Have you noticed how everyone else seems to have a handle on Twitter and yet you seem to be tweeting into nothingness because no one is engaging with you?

Even though you’re tweeting regularly you’re not being listened to, it’s as if your tweets are invisible.

Making an impact in the Twitterverse is important if you want to get your business noticed.

Stop banging your head against that brick wall and read these 8 tipsĀ  that will get you tweeting like a pro.

1. Make use of Twitter lists

Using lists will help you make sure you’re tweeting relevant information to different groups of people, a bit like you would do in your email marketing.

They are also a great way of helping you keep up to date with what’s going on with the different groups that you follow.

2. Snippets

When you publicise your blog posts do you just send out the title and a link?

How about sending a snippet instead (along with the link) to arouse curiosity?

3. Images

Look at your Twitter feed. Your eyes will be drawn to all those tweets that incorporate images.

Use the impact of visuals to your advantage to help your tweets get more attention.

4. Content

When you read an article and decide to share it on Twitter make sure you @tag the author too. This is a great way to start to build conversations and relationships.

5. Personality

This is something that should be in all your marketing, but especially your tweets.

Showing your human side will really endear you to others.

6. React

Twitter is immediate, so be topical and put out your opinion of things that are happening in the world. Plus, if there’s something happening in your industry, bring it to the attention of your followers.

7. Valuable

Although it’s fine to now and then tweet about personal stuff, make sure (in the whole) that what you put out is valuable to your followers.

8. Be seen

People have to notice you if you want them to pay attention. Join in conversations, reply to people and connect with your audience.

The idea is to be seen as an influencer and all these tips will help you achieve that.


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