Boost Your Conversions By Changing Your Call to Action

Call to action

Your call to action is a small, but vital element of your website copywriting.

Without it your customers will wander off in search of another site that has a call to action to direct them as to what to do next.

The simplest form is “Buy”, usually superimposed on a big red button so it can’t be missed. But is that the most effective call to action?

It would appear not.

Dell’s call to action

The computer giant, Dell, boosted their sales by a whopping $25 million by simply changing their call to action.

What did they do?

Well, on their website they were using the fairly standard “Learn more” call to action after the sales copy for their computers.

The only issue was that the people reading their website were already going to buy a computer, so the term “Learn more” wasn’t relevant to them.

However, what they did want to know was which computer it was they should be buying.

Bearing this in mind, Dell changed their call to action to “Help me choose”.


By switching to those three little words, Dell was using a call to action that actually gave their customers want they wanted – help in choosing the right computer for their needs.

What you can learn from Dell

Rather than using the standard call to action you always use, think about where your customers are in the buying process at the time they are reading your copy.

How far through the decision making process are they?

Are they still thinking about whether they need your product and want to “Learn more”?

Do they know they want your product, but are unsure of which model so they need a “Help me choose”?

Perhaps they have already made up their minds and are ready to “Buy now”.

Before you write a bog standard call to action, think carefully about the needs of your customers and choose your words carefully.

If your copy helps and supports them in their decision they are more likely to buy from you.

Author: Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting Ltd, one of the UK’s leading copywriting services agencies.


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