QR Codes – What Are They?

QR Code You’ve probably seen these curious boxes of random black squares on a white background and wondered what on earth they are.

Well these little fellas are QR codes (Quick Response Codes) and can be used to boost your business.

Not convinced?

Well I came across this great post on Vertical Response’s blog which goes into detail about what the QR Codes do, how they work and how they can help your business.

Basically, anyone with an app on their smartphone will be able to scan the QR code and gain access to a web page.

So how does that help your business?

Well it means that you can display your code practically anywhere and direct traffic to:

  • Get more customers by sending them to a web page that contains a special offer
  • Build your email list by directing them to a web page that allows them to sign up for a free report
  • View a customer service video

If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors have a read of the Vertical Response post – it could give your business a boost.

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#1 Mark Shahid on 05.28.11 at 9:54 pm

With the greatest respect, I feel you shouldn’t be promoting a technology that has been in use for a few years now. If you researched it, you would find out that they have been used in Japan since the 90s. If you blog about something like it’s the new big thing, and it’s yesteredays news, you may end losing alot of credit. Which in turn, is a great shame considering your posts are usually quite informative.

Just my two pence.


#2 admin on 05.30.11 at 7:25 pm

Hi Mark, thanks for adding your two penneth 🙂 all views are valid and welcome.

Even though, as you rightly point out, this technology has been around for a while, my post was commenting more on the fact that for many small businesses this is still relatively new. Around here, QR Codes are relatively rare creatures but now they are cropping up more and more. At local networking events I have been frequently asked what these curious little boxes are for, hence this post. Therefore I don’t think this post will have any effect on my credibility as I have responded to questions that have been raised by my peers.

For many they are still a relatively new concept and a potential consideration as an addition to their marketing strategy. Therefore this brief introduction to the QR code is designed to clear up a few questions and illustrate how they can be used.

Thanks for reading my blog Mark, it’s guys and gals like you who contribute to these discussions that help generate ideas.

#3 Using QR Codes as Part Of Your Marketing Strategy on 08.26.11 at 10:36 am

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