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You might think that a heading such as ‘Tips for writing for web readers’ is a bit odd – after all, who else would you be writing for?

Well with everyone concerned about search engine optimisation (and quite rightly so), some companies fall into the trap of writing for the search engine spiders rather than their readers.

Looking back through this blog you’ll find a few posts relating to this exact topic but I find it’s always useful to get someone else’s opinion on something.

Keyword stuffing is a prime example of people getting their website copywriting wrong. The only thing this achieves is filling your web pages with a load of nonsense that people won’t want to read and Google will pick up as stuffing and walk on by.

One of the key factors when writing your web copy is to write naturally to your reader. I came across a post on dailyblogtips by Debbie Dragon who expands this point further by giving 6 Tips for Writing for Web Readers.

Check it out and see where you can improve your web copy.

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#1 Lorraine on 12.03.09 at 1:50 am

Your post makes an excellent point: Why drive traffic to your site then fail to provide copy that speaks to and converts visitors?

It takes skill to write good SEO copy that gives search engine spiders the keyword density they crave–and also satisfies human readers’ appetites.

#2 admin on 12.03.09 at 7:39 am

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your comment – glad you found the post interesting.

Sally 🙂

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