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How Google+ Can Help Your Business

If, like me, you’re still fumbling around with Google+, not entirely sure how it can help your business, take a look at this cool infographic that I discovered on the lovely Chris Brogan’s blog.

Image created by BlueGlass.

Understanding How Google + Can Help Small Businesses

Keeping up with the social media revolution is difficult.

It seems as though no sooner have you got your head round one platform, another one appears.

I’m still finding Google+ a bit of an enigma – if you’re in the same boat, take a few minutes out of your day to check out the post on SocialMediaExaminer (link below).

In it, there is an interview with Chris Brogan who shares how Google+ can help small businesses and tells all about the strategies he uses to get business leads.

During the video you’ll discover:

  • Why Google+ changes everything
  • How to get your content indexed quickly
  • Discover Chris Brogan’s Google+ strategy
  • How Human Business Works uses Google+ to get business leads
  • Why you should share personal stories on Google+
  • How to show potential clients who you are
  • What content strategy to use on Google+
  • How businesses can use Google+ Circles for both outbound marketing and lead generation
  • When to choose Google+ privacy settings
  • How Chris uses Twitter differently than Google+

Ready to learn more?

Discover how Small Businesses Can Thrive With Google+

The Changing Face of Search – Google Gets Personal with “Search Plus Your World”

Google’s constantly changing its algorithms to keep us on our toes. But the latest change to its search results is probably the most drastic yet.

“Search Plus Your World” will find content that has been shared with you privately along with matches from the public web, all mixed into a single set of listings, according to a recent post that appeared on Searchengineland.com.

At the moment it will only happen for those signed-in to Google.com and searching in English. For some it will make life a lot easier; however for others, it raises concerns about privacy. Although the private content remains just that, private, it may make the content more visible to friends and family.

Of course, Google’s search has been personalised for some time now, in fact since 2005, and has evolved constantly since then:

The personalisation of Google searches

What will the new search method mean?

Your new personalised results will include:

  • Listings from the web (general)
  • Listings from the web (in relation to your personal behaviour)
  • Listings from the web (in relation to your social connections)
  • Public Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos
  • Private or limited Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos shared with you

You search results will show you the number of personal results and the number of other results. Plus, a new button will appear on the right of your results that will enable you to toggle between your personalised and non-personalised results.

For more information about these changes, take a look at the full article and find out why Google’s results will get more personal with “Search Plus Your World.”

Getting To Grips with Google+

A short while ago I wrote a post directing to you to Christ Brogan’s videos about how to get started with Google+.

Well, as with all social media platforms, Google+ is changing fast. If you’re like me, you’ve probably managed to upload your profile and make a few connections, but that’s about all.

When it comes to circles and the such like, I’m still rather in the dark. I find it’s just another social media platform to get my head round that I really don’t have time for.

Well, if you’re like me and could really do with some more help in getting to grips with it all, take a look at this post (click on the image below)  from socialmediaexaminer.com.

Grab a coffee and head over there to read about:

Thanks guys, what would be do without you!

Google + What Is It & How Do You Use It?

There’s a new kid on the block in the social media world.

Google + is the mighty search engine’s answer to Facebook, Twitter and just about every other social platform you care to mention.

And of course, with a new platform there’s a new language to learn. There are:

  • Circles – which is the way you organise people you’re connected to
  • Sparks – a bit like Google Reader as it brings in content automatically based on your interests
  • Hangouts – these are virtual rooms for video chats with people in your cirlces
  • Huddles – this is group messaging to people in your circle


Me too – which is why I think you should take a look at these posts and videos put together by Chris Brogan:

  1. Google Plus – First Look
  2. Getting started with Google Plus

Thanks Chris!