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How to Use Facebook for Your Business

Thankfully, no two businesses are the same. Could you imagine how boring that would be?

But because every business is different, their marketing strategies will also be different.

Take Facebook for example, just because you find it helps your business doesn’t mean it will help the guy next door. That’s why it’s imperative you take a good look at your business before diving into marketing. You must think about how Facebook would be best used in order for you to get the most out of it.

Before you hang your head in despair, take a few minutes to read through this very useful post I found on SocialMediaExaminer.com that takes a look at 4 different ways you can use Facebook for your business.

So, grab a coffee while you read 4 Unique Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business and kick start your social media marketing the right way.

Sally Ormond – Copywriter

Guidelines to setting up Facebook Businesses with Timeline

Facebook has come up with the biggest change ever made for page owners – the new timeline layout for business pages. The timeline is divided into two parts – the top part is known as the Cover and the remaining part is known as the Heart. The Cover contains your personal information along with your friends, photos and the likes and is based on the concept of a book cover. The Heart of the timeline is similar to a line graph symbolizing important events in your life.

Facebook Business Page before Timeline

Before the invention of timeline, businesses used to create a Facebook Fan Page in order to generate “Likes”. The page owners could upload photos and videos of their products and services for advertising as well as for communicating with prospective customers. The visual aspects of Facebook could not be fully optimized because of the limitations in the form of thumbnails and albums or tagged photos being hidden in the wall.

Business Opportunities with Facebook Timeline

The timeline is a very good visual platform and attracts attention because of the basic human tendency of paying more attention to pictures rather than text.

The concept of Facebook timeline is based on photos and videos. Thus, the earlier practice of posts and blogs, which gave rise to lots of spam, is now being replaced by visual content. Previsously, the news feed used to appear only for a day or two, but the infinite scroll of timeline stays for a longer period of time. Businesses will be able to create an emotional bond with the fans through their timeline by sharing quality content like photos, videos, real time mobile pictures and also by posting regular updates.

What has changed with Timeline?

Default landing tabs have been removed in timeline. The visitors need to go over the content first before viewing the features or the apps meant for fans. Direct messages can be sent to the fans and this feature will enable a business to build a better relationship with their customers.

The tabs have also become wider at 760 pixels. The main highlight is the addition of a cover page image. There is also a new admin panel which has many more tools for doing better social research and also for keeping track of all the timeline activity.

What must not be done with the cover page?

The cover picture must not contain any information about product prices or any promotional discount offers like “50% off” or “Download now”. Avoid putting contact information in the cover image because these details are supposed to be in the “About” Section. There should not be any references to “share” or “like” any feature or content. And most importantly, phrases like “Call us today” or “Click on our Welcome tab” should never be used on a cover page.

The timeline is a major setback for the spamming marketers on Facebook. It presents an exciting opportunity for creative businesses who believe in being more and more interactive with their customers for achieving success. All these changes can be a little deluging for some small companies with little presence in Facebook but they will soon realize that the timeline feature is the future of almost every business.

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Getting to Grips with the New Facebook Page Timeline Design

Love it or loathe it, it’s arrived.

The timeline format for Facebook pages has landed – whether you like it or not.

If, like me, you’re still trying to get to grips with it, take a look at this info graphic courtesy of Hubspot

Facebook Page Timeline Design Cheat Sheet

Facebook Page Timeline Design Cheat Sheet

If you need more help, Hubspot also offer a free Step by Step Guide to New Facebook Business Page Timelines, which takes you through the different ways Facebook’s new page features can support your marketing and strengthen your lead generation activties.

How to Boost Your Facebook Page Visibility

Boosting your Facebook page visibilityMore and more businesses are setting up pages on Facebook these days.

But they are also discovering that getting the type of visibility they want isn’t as easy as they thought.

We all know about the constantly changing Google algorithms that keep us on our toes with our website SO, but did you also know Facebook as algorithms too?

Now, before you get too excited, this post is not going to let you into their deepest secrets and unlock the key to successful Facebooking, but it will help you increase your visibility.

4 Tips to Boost Your Visibility

If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of SocialMediaExaminer.com who offer a wealth of hints and tips for everything social media.

Well, Facebook page visibility is something I’ve been struggling with for my copywriting page so I was relieved to find this post: 4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Visibility

In it the guys advise on how to train, educate, encourage favouriting and subscriptions to boost your Facebook presence.

It’s well worth a read, so grab a coffee and follow the link above.



Managing Your Social Networks Effectively

Everyone is going social these days.

We’re all tweeting, posting status updates, digging, stumbling – you name it.

The only problem is keeping on top of all the social networks you use.

How are you managing yours?

Are you getting the most out of them all?

The problem with social media

Managing my networks is a problem and I’ve long searched for the perfect solution for me.

In my quest I came across this post on SocialMediaExaminer.com that looks at 3 new apps to help you manage your social networks.

They take a look at:

  • Alternion – ideal for managing your accounts on various networks across the internet
  • LiveGO – great for keeping up with several accounts on Twitter, Facebook pages and your email
  • Netvibes – a simple way to monitor brand mentions or specific topics all in one place

Go and take a look – one of them could be just what you’re looking for.