Do I Need a Copywriter?

Me? No, I don’t need a copywriter. Why should I? I mean I don’t write huge reports or white papers or anything. All I have is my website and newsletter. I do all my customer contact through email so I don’t even use sales letters!

No, I absolutely do not need a copywriter.


You absolutely do need a copywriter because you are in business and a copywriter writes to sell.

Just think for a moment. Every written communication you make represents your company. Every email, newsletter and hit on your website is a sales opportunity.

A freelance copywriter is a professional sales writer. Every word they write counts towards another sale. They know how to craft your website copy to make it interesting and compelling whilst search engine friendly.

As spring approaches now is a great time to review all your marketing materials (both on and off line). Be honest, could they do with a spring clean? Are they looking a bit worn around the edges?

Breathe life into your marketing and ignite your sales with persuasive marketing copywriting.

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