Is It Now Google Pages?

Last night I gave a talk on copywriting and the 5 Simple Steps to Sensational Marketing to my local WIRE networking group in Bury St Edmunds.

During the talk I mentioned how important it is to get your website optimised and the content written so that it not only attracts traffic to your site, but keeps them there and sells to them. Believe me, that’s no mean feat but it is possible with well written and powerful website copy.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Google is taking over from the Yellow Pages, the Phonebook and local papers. Soon everyone will be searching for what they need through Google so it is vital that your website content is effective, powerful and persuasive.

Take a look at your website now – does it talk to your customer? Is it easy to read? Is there plenty of white space, headings and keywords?

Now would be a great time to revise your copy – if you are unsure of what needs doing call in a website copywriter. The investment will be well worth it because a well written site (SEO’d to the max) will get you great Google rankings and plenty of extra business.

That can’t be bad.


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