10 Must-have Website Copywriting Words

Copywriting is the one thing that will make your website work. Forget flashy graphics and annoying animations, it theflickr-words copywriting that will convey your sales message to your readers and get them to buy.

If you don’t use the right words within your website copywriting you will never convert your traffic into sales. Everyone knows how important keyword research is and the effect it will have on your SEO, but there are also some other very important words that should be featured on your website.

By incorporating these 10 simple words in your copywriting, you will make your writing more powerful and results-driven.

You – too many websites use ‘we’ instead of ‘you’. Your readers are only concerned about how your product will benefit them. They couldn’t careless about your company. Copywriting is like holding a conversation – talk to your customers not at them.

Free – people love free. It helps build trust. It doesn’t have to be something big, a free eBook or consultation will do. Mind you, you do have to be careful. Over do the ‘frees’ and it could look like spam so be careful.

Guaranteed – all shoppers are cautious especially online shoppers. Guarantee builds trust as it gives your buyer a safety net should things go wrong. Just ensure you can honour the guarantee!

Easy – everyone loves easy; enough said.

New – people love to have the latest gadgets so ‘new’ is very powerful.

Proven – show your customers proof that your product/service will do what you say it will do. If you have them, use statistics or testimonials.

Results – don’t beat around the bush. Show them results if you have them. When confronted by irrefutable proof that it ‘does what is says on the tin’, they can’t say no.

Save – I am not just talking about money here. Saving time, energy and trouble can be just as powerful.

Maximize – this has the effect of showing your readers that ‘it couldn’t get any better’. But be specific – if it is a woolly claim they will just walk away.

Benefit – I have saved the best for last. The main aim behind any copywriting is to let your readers know how they will benefit from your product/service.

Now slip off and take a look at your website. All 10 words are there right? And you haven’t used ‘we’ anywhere (you can get away with it on your ‘About Us’ page)?

These simple tips will make your website a winning site.

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