Puff Can be a Friend

More often than not, puff or hype and copywriting go about as well together as oil and water.dragon

But hype can atually be good. You see there are 2 types of hype:

  • hype that will always convert
  • hype that will NEVER convert

The piles of junk mail waiting to be recycled are full of the latter type. They are stuffed with words such as biggest, fastest, easiest, greatest, amazing, unique, etc., and unblievable claims such as “Your skin will be transformed overnight”.

These examples stand out as hype because they are recognized as less than believable and are quickly discounted and ignored by most consumers.

But there is nothing wrong with using these words if they are accurate descriptions.

Turn bad hype good

If you are writing an ad and used this either in the headline or body copy:

All your wrinkles will miraculously disappear overnight!

The chances are it won’t believed and it won’t convert.

It won’t matter if the rest of your add can actually prove the claim – by kicking off with it ruins any chance of getting a sale.

If you are going to use a claim such as the one above, you need to place it wisely within your ad.

Avoid the ad-killing claim

How? Simply by making it an unavoidable conclusion.

Before making any claim to unparalleled excellence—prove it first.

Assemble and present your evidence; this proof will lay the groundwork for what is to come by creating a strong and overwhelming direction and momentum.

In other words…

Turn hype into an undisputed conclusion

So when you finally do present your hype it will be seen as a descriptive and accurate statement of the obvious and the proven (hype of the good kind). If executed skillfully, your hype will also have the added benefit of becoming sustainable and actionable.

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