Copywriting Review: Is Your Marketing Message Moving With the Times?

Warning! Your website copywriting and brochure content are not designed to stand the test of time.time

Think about it for a moment. You change your style of dress to reflect the changing fashions; you may even redecorate your home now and again because your tastes and priorities change. Therefore you should also review your marketing message every 6 – 12 months.

Times Change

When you set up your business you invested a great deal of time in researching your market and ensuring your sales message resonated with your target audience.

But the economic climate has now changed; your target market may have different priorities. They are older and wiser and…guess what? Technology has changed. In fact everything has changed.

Therefore you have 2 choices: continue to do what you’ve been going and watch your sales slide, or revamp your message and see your profits rise.

However good your original sales message was, it is now becoming tired and stale. Your customers want something new. Your message may no longer resonate with them. They’ve changed so you need to change too.

Freshen Up

Take a look at your website content and brochures. Is your message still powerful? What do your ‘today’ customers want? Do the benefits you pushed still work? Basically are you still tuned into what your customers want?

Your sales message has to be flowing. Keep it static and you’ll lose customers. Regularly update it to reflect people’s needs and you’ll keep it fresh, exciting and in demand.

Put your coffee done, grab your brochure or get your website on screen. Take a look at the copy. Does it still reflect what you can do for your customers?

Review your copy every 6 – 12 months and your investment will be rewarded with new business, retained business and increased profits. Keep your business growing; don’t get stuck in a time warp.

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