Advertising Copywriting – 4 Steps to Great Copy

Advertising copywriting is an essential tool that all businesses should be using for their on and off line marketing strategies.

In my ealier post on copywriting services I illustrated this point with the well known example of Kelloggs during the American repression. But it’s not just the fact that you can’t let your advertising and marketing slip when the economic climate becomes gloomy, you also have to ensure that your advertising and marketing copywriting is effective.

Whether you are looking to start a direct mail campaign or concentrate on your online presence, your advertising and marketing copywriting is where you need to start.

When writing you need to follow these 4 simple rules:

  1. Shout about the benefits – whether you are writing website copy or direct mail, your copywriting must illustrate the benefits of your product or service to your reader.
  2. Unique selling point – there has to be a reason why your reader should choose your product above another one.
  3. Speak to them – talk to your reader directly. Use the word ‘you’ freely to build rapport with them.
  4. Tell them what they need to do – without a strong call to action your hard work will be wasted.

Your advertising copywriting is the key to your marketing success. Whether it is done in-house or whether you hire the services of a freelance copywriter it is essential that it adheres to the 4 steps outlined above. This list is not exhuastive by any means, but it is a great start to ensure that your marketing is effective.

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