Personalise to Be More Effective on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking. It gives you access to all sorts of people, but you have to make the right impression if you want to get noticed.

How many times have you received this standard connection request?

“I’d like to add you to my professional network.”

Really? Why? Who are you? Do I know you?

It raises more questions than it answers.

Of course, you’ll only be sending invites to connect to people you actually know (won’t you?), so take a bit of time and write them a personalised message. After all, they may have met you at a networking event, but it’s fair to say they would have met a number of people there so they can’t be expected to remember everyone.

Make it personal

To make your request personal you’ll have to do it from your PC or laptop. I don’t believe the option is available through the LinkedIn app.

First of all make sure your LinkedIn profile shows a professional photo of you.

Then start your request with a greeting bearing the recipient’s name (spelt correctly).

Tell them how you know them. Perhaps you met at an event, have mutual acquaintances, or follow each other on Twitter.

Once you’ve done that tell them why you want to connect with them followed by a short description about what you do.

Finish it off with a bit of flattery about their work (not so much that it’s creepy or embarrassing) and sign off in a friendly way.

It does’t take long to do and it will make your request stand out from all the other standard ones they get.

So remember, if you want to make an impact and some valuable connections, put in the effort to make it personal.

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#1 RuckMauler on 05.14.15 at 11:22 pm

So, I have to confess to you that I read your first blog posting and then closed the window, and then reopened it when I saw the LinkedIn logo.

I had the occasion to have a conversation with a friend who asked me if she should join it, and I said no. I’m actually sorry that I have an account on there, but its a necessary evil.

I think the site is poorly designed, clunky at best, and so incredibly 2003 that when I get on there, I want to find the quickest way to get off and get back to writing. I’m “connected” to some pretty ranked folks, but do you know how often I talk to them via linkedin? Never. That’s what IG/FB/Twitter are for. I’ve seen their little “personalize” thing that was first offered to members (like I’d ever pay that site for anything – they can’t even hire a decent web designer to make their site UX friendly and visually pleasing) but honestly, it’s just a picture above my picture…big whoop. Volkswagen had more stunning visuals from their 70’s print ads. To me, doing copy, LinkedIn is the man in the gray flannel suit – there’s nothing exciting about it that makes me want to buy services or greater access from them, i.e. “Thanks for being a loyal member – join now so we can show you more gray flannel suits!” Yawn.

I never send out networking requests…I get tons of them from recruiters – I’d rather utilize things like Instagram and Ello so I can see their work, who cares who they’re working for…or who they’ve worked for in the past…I don’t want their resume, I want to be inspired by the designs they create, and the copy that they write.

Great blog though, I will absolutely be tuning in (and likely commenting, apparently) in the future.

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