Social Sharing Myths – Infographic

Do you think you understand the mechanics of social sharing?

Well, you probably don’t. A recent article in The Drum caught my eye as it contained a very interesting infographic that takes a look at the myths of social sharing.

Rather than boring you with a round-up of what the research by RadiumOne found, here’s the infographic – you may find it surprising.

Myths of social sharing

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#1 Jo Shaer on 07.06.14 at 12:38 pm

It’s a great infographic and I was particularly interested by the last two myths. Facebook have now squeezed the reach of business pages so much that there is definitely more visibility to be had for the same amount of effort on Twitter. When I went to give a lesson on social media marketing in our local secondary school, it became apparent very quickly that the teenagers did not engage with brand material at all, completely different to the levels of interest from the Baby Boomers of the 1950s and 1960s who click on anything that will give them more info or, better still, a discount!

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