A Sure-fire Way to Make Your Business Stand Out

Have you noticed a dip in your social life since Facebook came to town? accessible customer service

Once upon a time, if you wanted to catch up with friends to find out what they’d been up to, you’d arrange to meet up for coffee, lunch or a drink after work. You’d be on the phone regularly, chatting about the latest gossip.

Today, there’s been a shift in this type if socialising. Now, you can keep fairly well informed about what’s going on by checking your Facebook timeline. All your friends’ latest news is there so you know what’s going on, who’s been where and what they’ve been up to.

You’ve probably found there’s less need to be on the phone or going for a coffee because anything you would have spoken about has already been read.

What’s that got to do with making your business stand out?

Well, the rise of social media has lessened the need for face-to-face contact and good old-fashioned conversation.

How many websites have you seen recently that only allow contact my email or contact form? Some even just have a list of FAQs and only once you’ve trawled those (and their forums) are you given the option to email your question.

Why email? Why not offer a phone number so you can talk to a real person?

If you want to make your business stand out, make it accessible.

Yes, we want to talk to you

I get so frustrated by the number of companies that hide behind their website that I no longer use those that don’t publish a phone number (wherever possible).

Why don’t you want your customers to be able to get in touch with you?

What have you got to hide?

It’s not enough just to say “complete our contact form” or “send us an email” – I’ve tried that and, on numerous occasions, my email or contact request has fallen on deaf ears and I’ve never heard back from anyone.

If you want to be seen as being different, welcome your customers with open arms. Proudly display your email, phone number and postal address to let it be known that you are there to help them.

Forget flashy websites, customer service is where it’s at

A slick, flashy website may look the bee’s knees, but if there’s no substance behind it you won’t have customers knocking down your door.

Even if you have Twitter and Facebook, some customers are still going to want to talk to you.

Good old-fashioned customer service will always be a winner. It doesn’t matter how well manned your social channels are, every now and then customers will want to speak to a real person.

So, if you want a sure-fire way to make your business stand out make sure you are open for business by showing your:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Postal address

Don’t hide them away and make your customers jump through hoops to try and find them, make sure they’re all clearly listed on your contact page.

Author: Sally Ormond, UK Copywriter at Briar Copywriting Ltd.

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