5 Apps For Monitoring Your Online Reputation

This is a guest post by John Terra. He has been writing freelance since 1985, and routinely checks his online reputation. He apparently shares the same name with a Belgian folk singer.


It seems like everyone’s online these days, and everyone has an opinion. Those opinions, if positive, can help your business, but otherwise, a negative critique could damage your bottom line. Here are five apps for keeping tabs on that important online reputation. Your online reputation is a crucial element in the ongoing process of making your business stronger and more prosperous.

Me On The Web/Google Dashboard
Let’s start out with something free and easy to find. Just sign in on Google and go to the Dashboard. Click down to “Me on the Web” and get acquainted with the options. You can conduct searches for yourself, and, more importantly, set up e-mail alerts when new information about you appears online. It’s free, and simple to use. This is quite possibly one of the best ways of keeping track of your reputation if you’re not interested in making too big an effort.

This site offers a score that measures your reputation with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and includes factors such as social influence, transparency, and what your peers’ opinion is of your business. As far as the score goes, Naymz is reminiscent of Klout. Naymz provides you with the means to manage your online reputation. Naymz is free of charge.

With so many message boards out there, who has time to read them all? Hell, who’d want to!? And yet, you want to see if your business is being talked about, right? With Boardreader, you can search across online discussion boards to find out what’s being said about a website, business/company name, or even just a topic. Boardreader doesn’t cost anything to use.

Whos Talkin
Yes, as in “Look who’s …” This app is great for monitoring your online reputation strictly within the province of social media. In other words, you won’t get any other search results; just ones found on social media sites. Just plug in your name or business and conduct your search. What’s even better, you can get a browser search plug-in for your search bar, and a gadget for iGoogle, so that you don’t have to keep going back to the Whos Talkin website in order to execute a search. Whos Talkin is free.

Though the company offers monthly fee-based services for monitoring your online reputation, there is also a free element. By entering your first and last name, you can get a report that shows what you look like to people who search for you online. Call it the online equivalent of taking a glance at yourself in the mirror.

All In All …
Your online reputation is too important to just let it plod along, unattended. Use one or more of the above apps to keep your name clean, and avoid the disastrous financial reversals that can result from unchallenged negative comments.

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