11 Reasons Why Lists Give Your Copywriting More Clout

In any form of copywriting, whether it’s online or off line, lists are incredibly powerful.

And here’s why:

  1. People love lists (go on, admit it, you write them all the time)
  2. Numbers and bullets produce easy to read chunks of information
  3. They make an impact on the page or screen (help your benefits stand out)
  4. Adding numbers to your headline offers a promise to your readers that they won’t be able to resist
  5. Bullet points are easy to scan so you can get information quickly
  6. Bullets and numbered list are more efficient to read
  7. People remember numbers
  8. Obscure numbers (like the one in this heading) catch the reader’s attention
  9. A list grabs the attention of the reader
  10. They add interest to a page by breaking up text
  11. I couldn’t think of another one, but wanted a list of 11 rather than 10

I’m sure you can probably think of even more reasons why you should include lists in your copy.

But for me, their main benefits are that the break up text, add interest to a page and are a great way of highlighting benefits.

Short and sweet today, but there’s nothing else that needs to be said.



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