Do You Have a Dream Team?

No two people are the same.

We all have different strengths and weakness and excel in different areas. That’s why, for your team to be successful, you must have a wide range of people types.

That is the view of Don Fornes, CEO and Founder of Software Advice who has identified different psychological profiles, such as the ‘Giver’, ‘Champ’ and ‘Matrix Thinker’.

The one I want to look at in this post is the “Savant”.

They are amazing at what they do.

According to Don:

“Highly-functioning Savants can apply their innate ability, intelligence and determination towards the development of exceptional talent in a single field. They tend to be skilled writers, researchers and engineers.”

But at the same time they tend to be introverted and can struggle in social situations.

So what are their qualities?

Well, a Savant is usually:

  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Committed
  • A problem solver

Why does your team need them?

Simply because they’re great at what they do and because they tend to find one thing they are good at (e.g. writing, researching or engineering) they can provide your team with the expertise it needs to flourish.

Many writers show characteristics of the Savant because of their innate ability to learn and desire for perfection in everything they do.

But at the same time, these traits can cause problems. Their social anxiety can make them poor communicators, they can encounter self-doubt and depression when they discover they can’t achieve perfection in every aspect of their lives and, being non-conformists, they can challenge authority leading to clashes with management.

I’m a writer, am I a Savant?

As a copywriter, Don’s post would suggest that I am a potential Savant.

Am I creative?

Yes, I spend every day creating copy for my clients.

Am I really good at what I do?

I guess you’d have to ask my clients that one, but judging by the testimonials, recommendations and repeat business I get, then I’d say yes.

Am I focused and determined?

Most definitely, because I won’t give up until a project is complete and, when required, I can turn around work quickly.

Do I love to learn?

Considering I always have my nose in a book (when I’m not working), then yes, I do love to learn.

Am I a perfectionist?

Most definitely, in all parts of my life, I won’t let anything get the better of me. Even if it’s something I’m not the best at, I always give it my all to do the absolute best that I can. But if it falls a long way short of others, I do have the tendency to doubt myself and get very down.

What about social anxiety?

With friends and family I’m fine, but put me in a business networking environment and I clam up.

I have been working on this aspect of my personality and have started making inroads. It’s still far from my favourite activity, but I’m getting there.

Do I challenge authority?

This is where I differ from a typical Savant. Confrontation is something I avoid at all costs; so no I don’t tend to challenge authority.

What about you?

Do you recognise yourself?

Perhaps you’re one of Don’s other psychological profiles?

For any team to thrive, multiple personality types are a must. Each brings its own take on things giving a wider perspective on the project you’re working on.

What’s your take on this?

Do you believe we all have a ‘type’, or do you think we meld our personalities to the situations we find ourselves in?

Leave a comment below.


Thank you to Software Advice, who commissioned the original research, for allowing me to comment on their research.
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