How to Get More People Reading Your Blog

A blog is nothing without traffic. getting traffic to your blog

Getting more people to your blog is a constant battle, but one that must be fought. So how do you go about it?

What can you do to encourage more people to read your blog?

1. What do they want?

The only way you’ll get people to stop and read is if you’re offering them what they want.

Yes, that one is obvious, but there are still a lot of bloggers out there who write about stuff that interests them rather than thinking about what they’re readers want.

You can spot hot topics by watching what trends on Twitter, or common themes that appear on Facebook. A more obvious one is to just ask them.

2. Promotion

Make your blog social.

By incorporating the social sharing buttons after each post, you will encourage your readers to spread the love by telling other people about your content.

You can also promote it by having a link to your blog in your email signature, email marketing and newsletters.

3. Niche

Making your blog niche specific will encourage more readers. As people get to know what you write about, you’ll soon become the ‘go to’ blogger for that subject.

4. Guesting

A great way to encourage new streams of traffic to your blog is getting some good guest bloggers on board. Check out other blogs in your niche and see if you can persuade them to write for you.

Not only will you get great content, you will also attract their fans, opening up your blog to a whole new audience.

5. Titles

The titles you use on your blog posts are everything. They are what will draw people to your blog so perhaps its time to rethink them.

People love ‘best’, ‘top tips’, ‘how to’ and that sort of thing, so use them.

6. Frequency

The more often you blog, the more people you’ll attract.

7.  Authentic

Being authentic and writing about things you’re passionate about will bring readers your way.

If you’re just writing about something because it’s the thing to write about, people will pick up on it because your writing will lack conviction and emotion.

Writing a blog is a labour of love. But if you want it to be successful and attract readers it’s important to think about who you are writing for, why you are writing and what your readers will get out of it.

Author: Sally Ormond, Copywriter and MD at Briar Copywriting Ltd. Follow her on Twitter and Google+
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#1 Damien on 10.14.13 at 10:50 pm

So true, Sally. Many people think that just writing good content will get their blog posts found.

Derek Halpern recommends an 80/20 split in the time spent on a blog, with the 20% being actually writing the material, the other 80% spent promoting it. Most people have it the other way round!

Thanks for another succinct post.

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