What Value do you put on Good Copywriting?

As a professional copywriter I hoped I’d never have to write this post. the value of copywriting

Writing is part and parcel of every organisation’s marketing strategy. It’s fundamental to your web presence, print materials, social media activities, video marketing…you get the picture.

And yet, considering how important it is, many companies are still opting for the cheap option rather than seeking out the experienced, professional writer they need.

As a copywriter, I love working with clients that really value great copy. We both get a real buzz from the collaborative process and, from my perspective, I get to work with someone who understands the importance of every word I use.

But too many companies shop for a writer on price alone, seduced by the “I’ll write a page of web copy for £10”  – is that really the value you’d place on your company?

No really, by opting for the ‘cheap copywriters’ you’re devaluing your own company’s reputation, because poor copy will affect your bottom line.

Plastic surgery vs copywriting

For a moment, let’s imagine you’ve decided to get a nose job. You’ve never liked the one you have, so you start to shop around for a plastic surgeon.

What do you do?

a)    Get a load of quotes and go for the cheapest one?

b)   Go by reputation and recommendations?

If you opt for a) you’ll end up with a crooked nose that’s ten times worse than your natural one. People stare at you and then walk on by looking the other way hoping you won’t engage them in conversation.

But, if you opt for b) you’ll end up with a work of art that people will compliment you on. You’ll instantly become more popular and successful with people beating down your door just to be seen out with you.

The same happens if you apply those options to your copywriting.

Going for a) (i.e. the cheapest quote) will lead to sub standard copy that, at the very least, won’t sell a bean and could even damage your reputation. Plus, you’ll end up having to hire another copywriter to re-write it because it’s not selling.

But, being sensible and going for option b) will mean you’ll get fantastic copy that resonates with your readers, draws them in and sells your products or services. Plus, because you’re using well written, engaging copy, your reputation will be enhanced.

Are you still going to opt for the cheapest writer?

The first impression many people will have of your company is going to be in writing: your website, brochures, newsletter, email, case study etc. Can you really run the risk of falling at the first hurdle?

How to find the right copywriter

When you look for your next copywriter, don’t go by cost alone:

  • Call a few up, have a chat and find out what they can do for you
  •  Ask who they’ve written for
  •  Get them to send you some examples of their work

Most good writers will work to fixed fees rather than hourly rates (and certainly not a per word rate) and they’ll need a detailed brief before they can quote you, but they may be able to offer a ball park figure to give you an idea of costs.

The actual cost should be your last consideration because your company’s reputation is at stake.

Professional copywriting isn’t cheap, but it is the best way to promote your business to your marketplace. It will enhance your reputation, engage your customers and persuade them to buy.


Author: Sally Ormond, Copywriter and MD at Briar Copywriting Ltd. Follow her on Twitter and Google+
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