The Worst Advert Ever?

There are a lot of adverts out there, but there’s one that makes me cringe every time I see it.

Sure, there are plenty of cheesey ads that make you groan, or boring ones that bring on a sudden urge for a cuppa, but this one drives me mad.

All adverts must highlight the benefits of the product or service they’re trying to sell, it’s what makes us buy. But what about when the ‘benefit’ they come up with is so daft it beggars belief that anyone could have come up with it in the first place.

What advert am I talking about?

This one.

Apparently, according to the advertisers, eating any other yoghurt will make you dreary and dull (with a tendency to wear your hair all over your face in a ‘just got out of bed and can’t be bothered’ look).

But one pot of their elixir will make you into a vibrant person who feels great about themselves, is able to find a hair brush in the morning and who giggles inanely at the slightest thing.


Has it made me want to rush out and try the product?



Over to you

Which adverts really got your goat?

Leave a comment below and let’s compile a list of the worst adverts.

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