The Qualities of a Successful Business Person

And why The Apprentice candidates are wrongbusiness qualities

Have you been watching the latest series of The Apprentice?

If you have, you’ll probably understand why I’m writing this post.

In the early days I found it quite entertaining, especially as it featured one or two candidates that looked promising. But this year’s line up beggars belief – would you seriously consider any of them as a business partner?

The girls are constantly cat fighting, the boys are just intent on getting one over on each other and as for Alex – has he come as the cartoon villain?

Yes, you need grit and determination to succeed in business, but you also need empathy and the ability to get along with people. What happened to good old-fashioned teamwork? I haven’t seen any of that yet.

Week after week they are back-biting, jumping in trying to hijack pitches, making decisions without any consultation and generally stabbing each other in the back.

Lord Sugar would be better off sacking the lot of them and investing in someone who actually shows some business acumen rather than a forced cut-throat attitude because they think it makes them look big.

OK, I’ll admit it makes good TV (although I can no longer bring myself to sit through their toe-curling antics any more), but it gives completely the wrong impression to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Let’s face it, if people run their businesses the way the candidates are, they will quickly alienate their suppliers and customers, not to mention their teams. Their attitude is a sure fire way to failure.

Business qualities

As a copywriter I have been in business since 2007. Over that time I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some fantastic people.

The vast majority have not shown any of the traits displayed by the candidates.  Instead of arrogance they have shown empathy and a willingness to listen, engage and work together to reach desired goals.

That’s why they are still in business today and thriving.

I have a feeling that if any of the candidates actually manage to get a business off the ground (and apparently some of them already have) they will be short lived, unless they change their attitude.

To be a success in business you need determination, but that must come with equal amounts of empathy, engagement and good old-fashioned manners.

What do you think?

What’s your take on this year’s candidates?

Have they got what it takes or has The Apprentice turned into a business version of The Jeremy Kyle Show?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one, so leave a comment below.

Thanks for letting me rant.


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