How to Create a Corporate Video that Sells

What springs to mind when you think corporate video?Corporate Video

  • Panoramic views of a factory?
  • Shots of sign-written lorries driving past the camera?
  • Views of a group of workers looking studious?

Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of them turn out, which let’s face it is pretty boring.

We’ve said this time and time again on this blog, but are willing to get back on our soapbox again; the only way to engage with your audience (regardless of the type of marketing – website, newsletter, email, brochure etc.) is to stop talking about yourself and to concentrate instead on your customer and what you can do for them.

The same applies for corporate videos, which means forget about the arty shots of your premises and the booming voice that announces “We’re been in business since the start of time…” because, guess what, your audience couldn’t give two hoots about any of that.

So, that means you’ve got to get creative.

Video marketing

First up, let’s think about the premise for your video. We’ve already said that it’s a bad idea to create something that shouts about you.

To get your creative juices flowing think about what it is that you do and how that helps your customers. Then consider producing a scenario that highlights the benefits of your service. That could be in the form of a cartoon, animation, or a situation filmed using actors.

If you’re thinking hang on a minute, when do we get a mention in all of this, you do, just subtly.

Right at the end of the video you need to add a strong call to action highlighting that if the viewer wants to have the same wonderful experience as the actor/animation/cartoon character they need to get in touch with you – but slightly more creatively than that.

Powerful videos on a budget

If your budget won’t quite stretch to something like that, how about video testimonials from happy customers?

That way you reduce your production costs, help out your customers (with a bit of free exposure) and by getting them to shout about you, you get your message across without sounding pompous.

The power of this type of corporate video comes down to the script writing – not what your clients say, but how you frame their comments within the video.

Video scripts – making them hit home hard

Whatever you do, don’t try to script the testimonials – they need to ‘come from the heart’ otherwise they’ll come across as contrived and insincere. But the script that introduces them should be very carefully written.

This is your opportunity to set the scene and outline:

  • The issues your client had
  • Why they chose you
  • How your product/service helped them
  • The impact it’s had on their business
  • How it is helping them to move their business forward

Have you noticed something?

None of the items in that list talk about your company directly; they all concentrate on how you helped your customer.  Clever eh?

Then the client’s testimonial will give a fuller account in his or her own words.

You see powerful corporate videos are quite easy to produce. If you have big bucks you can go to a creative agency and produce something epic, but by using these techniques any business can produce a video that really packs a punch without delivering a knock out blow to your marketing budget.


Sally Ormond, Copywriter and MD at Briar Copywriting Ltd

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