Become an Effective Copywriter: Lesson 5 – Rapport

If your copywriting is going to be successful you must make a connection with your reader. To do that you have to build rapport – create an emotional bond by tuning into their very thoughts and desires.

Sound scary?

Just think about it for a second. You would have come across numerous sales people over the years. Of all the sales people you have bought from, where they caring, thoughtful, did they take an interest in you? Or were they stand-offish, self-centred and uncaring? I think I can guess what your answer is.

If you can show your reader that you understand their concerns and fears they are far more likely to buy from you.

But for this approach to work, you have to know what your reader is concerned about. For example, if you are selling toys or games you can tune into parental concerns.

A quick tip to build rapport immediately is to use three small but powerful words “As you know” when mentioning a fact about their job or interests such as:

Dear Mr James,

As you know it takes more than just a good grasp of English to become a great sales writer.’

Admittedly this method takes a bit of practice. To get a similar effect you can always adopt the easier option of flattering your reader. Let’s face it, everyone likes to be flattered and made to feel more important than they actually are. Show your reader how clever, important or beautiful they are and they’ll listen to you until the cows come home.

Sally Ormond

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