Marketing Your Business with Foursquare

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at different ways of using social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to market your business.

But how about Foursquare?

You’ve probably seen updates from other people through Twitter and Facebook checking in using Foursquare – so what is it?

Well, it’s a way of helping you and your friends make the most of where you are. You can share details about where you visit and leave recommendations for your followers.

But more than that, it can also help you manage your brand and attract new visitors. Plus, with over 1,000,000 businesses on Foursquare isn’t it about time you started using it to?

Foursquare marketing tips

To help you get the most out of this platform, have compiled a list to 10 ways you can market your business using Foursquare.

So if this particular platform has left you scratching your head, now’s the time to pop over there and have a read.

Grab a coffee and take a few minutes out of your day to find out how to marketing your business using Foursquare.

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