Making The Most of Your Facebook Marketing

Despite the bad press Facebook has been enduring recently after admitting 8.7% of its 955 million active users might not be real and General Motors pulling $10m from its Facebook advertising because of its dissatisfaction with ROI, many businesses are using it as a marketing outlet.

But getting the best from it calls for a bit of creative thinking.

A post on Social Media Examiner caught me eye because it talks about just that.

They spoke with top Facebook experts to find out the hottest marketing tips that businesses today need to know.

Here is a summary of what they said:

1. Leverage videos more effectively

If you sell products or services on your website and have Like buttons attached to them, share videos rather than still images.

2. Experiment with the timings of your postings

You’re probably putting out most of your posts during working hours, but it might be worth experimenting and sending them either early morning, in the evening or at weekends.

Compare results over a period of time and work out when is the best engagement time for you.

3. Be creative with your photos

People love to share photos, so try and come up with new ways of promoting your business through images.

4. Sponsored posts

These will help your content reach more fans. Normally, anything you put out is competing against other businesses to be seen, but using sponsored posts will help boost your reach.

5. Involve your fans

Ask your fans for their input when you’re about to launch a new product.

6. Schedule

Facebook now offer page admins the ability to schedule posts, so you can plan out your messaging and make sure its posted at optimum times.

7. Run contests

A contest will help you engage your fans in a conversation, encourage their friends to join in and collect information from them.

8. Get active

You have to use Facebook personally to understand how it works and what motivates users to interact.

9. Be honest with your resources

Take a look at your business and think about whether you can generate the type of content people will want to share.
You can read the full post and insightful tips from the experts here – 9 Facebook Marketing Tips From Top Experts.




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