Why So Many Corporate Blogs Fail

IBM published a very gloomy statistic – around 80% of corporate blogs don’t get beyond a fifth post.why corporate blogs fail

Isn’t that incredible?

Is it really that difficult to run a blog?

Well, I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and I’m still going strong, so what is that I’m doing that the corporates aren’t?

Showing commitment

One of the first things you must realise when you start to blog is that you must be committed to it.

It’s no good going into it all gung-ho only to suddenly realise you have nothing left to say after a few posts.

Coming up with great ideas day after day is one of the basic requirements of a blog. Of course, in a large company you have the benefit of numerous staff members who can also contribute, so there should be no excuse for running out of material.

If you don’t have the manpower to run the blog, why not outsource some of your writing to a copywriter who can create fabulous posts for you by recycling old white papers, interviewing some of your subject matter experts or producing posts commenting on industry news?

But content is only one aspect, you also have to publicize it through your social media channels, make sure your posts are found by using your keywords and keep an eye on your analytics to measure your reach.

Then you have the comments to consider. These must be responded to in a timely manner and monitored.

You see there’s a lot to think about.

Finding your voice

Assuming you have the commitment necessary to make your blog a success, you then have to think about how you want to come across to your readers.

There’s no point mimicking someone else’s style because why would anyone want to read a copycat blog?

It’s vital you find your own voice and style and come up with posts that are unique to you. After all, no one wants to subscribe to a dozen blogs that all comment on exactly the same stuff.

Also, try to mix your posts up a bit. Don’t just comment on industry news all the time, try adding in some ‘how to’ posts or top tips, perhaps even an interview or case study to keep it fresh and challenging.

Be patient

A lot of companies give up too easily. Once they start to blog, they expect to instantly see a vast increase in their traffic. But it doesn’t happen that way.

You must be patient because it will take time to get your posts to work effectively in the search results, for them to be found and for your readership to grow.

To encourage people to read your blog, make sure it’s easily accessible from you website, mention it in your newsletters and other customer communications and publicize each new posts through social media.

Above all be patient, it will happen.


Blogging isn’t a quick fix; its ROI won’t materialize over night. It’s a long-term commitment. So don’t give up, keep going because sooner or later you will begin to see the benefits.


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#1 Katherine Crabtree on 08.01.12 at 3:02 pm


I really enjoyed this post. I’ve just set up my own corporate blog after years of managing other people’s. Time and time again, I’ve seen clients’ websites with just two posts dating back to 2007 or nothing at all. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s so few that get beyond a fifth post but blogging can be so beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

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