AIDA – The Copywriter’s Favourite Auntie (Part Four)

Congratulations! You have made it to the final hurdle. Over the past few days you have been learning how to grab your readers’ attention, get their interest, and create a desire for your product. At last the finish post is in site: now all you have to do is get them to take action.

Just because you have managed to create a desire for your product, doesn’t necessarily mean that your reader is going to buy. The best way to get your reader to take action is through the use of testimonials.

These are a great motivator and a tool that every freelance copywriter should have in their writing arsenal. People love to hear about the experiences of others. If your past clients have produced their own testimonials don’t edit them. They may contain the odd grammatical or punctuation error but this is exactly what you want – it makes them real.

Another way to get your readers buying is by offering free samples, statistics, a free trial or money-back guarantee. If you have these available why not use them all or a combination plus testimonials – just do whatever you feel necessary to get your reader to take action.

The call to action

If this is weak, the rest of your hard work would have been wasted.

They don’t have to be saved for the final paragraph. Sprinkle them throughout the sales letter or, if using email, use hyperlinks so once the decision to buy has been made your reader can act immediately.

Here are a few things to avoid when writing your CTA:

  • Ambiguity is bad – don’t confuse your reader
  • Watch your wordiness – you’ve made your pitch now get straight to the point
  • Don’t be vague – leave them in no doubt as to what they need to do

Put simply, your CTA should be short, simple, direct and clear:

  • Give them different ways to get in touch/place their order (e.g. email, fax, phone)
  • Give them a clear and simple-to-complete order form
  • Make it a command – ‘order now’ ‘order by 1st February’

There you go. That’s it. Your lesson is now over.

These techniques aren’t exclusively for sales letters. No matter what you are writing always remember: AIDAAttention – Interest – Desire – Action and you can’t go wrong.

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