Trust Your Copywriter

Why did you hire your copywriter?Trust your copywriter

It’s a fairly safe bet that your answer includes one or two of these reasons:

  • You needed someone with experience
  • You needed an expert in their field
  • You don’t have time to do it yourself
  • You don’t have the right skill set to create effective copy
  • You wanted to make sure your copy worked

Basically, what it comes down to is that you’re serious about making your business a success and the best way to do that is to surround yourself with experts who can make it happen for you.

What does your copywriter do?

Have you ever asked that question?

Not many people (other than copywriters) understand what it takes to create amazing copy. So, what happens after you’ve briefed them?

Well, they will spend a lot of time getting to know:

  • You
  • Your company
  • Your style
  • Your products/services
  • Your target market and their needs
  • Your brand

Then they’ll research your competitors and what’s happening in your market. If necessary, they’ll make suggestions about how to tweak your original brief to ensure optimum results.

Once all the background has been done, they’ll use their experience and expertise to create your copy, using tried and tested techniques to get the most out of the words.

They’ll  go to great pains to make sure the writing is firmly focused on the reader, providing them with everything they need to counter any objection they may have and to reach a buying decision.

The writing will then be shaped and laid out for optimum effect.

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a lot of value.

The first draft arrives

You receive your first draft and, in light of all that I’ve said above, why oh why do you turn round and say…

“Oh, I think it would be better like this…”

…and promptly make changes to the layout, wording and, worse of all, fill it with ‘we’ and ‘me’?

Granted, there may be a few things that need amending, but you hired a professional writer because they understand how copy works, and how to use it to convince your readers to buy.

To illustrate this point, let’s say you were about to have some plastic surgery done. After your consultation, during which time your surgeon outlines the procedure that will take place and how the surgery will be performed, would you say…

“Actually, don’t you think it would be better if you did…?”

No, you wouldn’t because they are an expert in their field and you trust their judgement.

Finding the right copywriter for you

Make sure you do your homework first.

Rather than leaving your search for a copywriter until the eleventh hour, plan ahead and look around.

Have a search through Google and see who you can find; ask for referrals from trusted local businesses.

Make a short list of people you think you could work with, and then phone them for a chat. If you get on, invite them in for a meeting so you talk over your project face to face. Ask for samples of their work – and don’t be put off if they don’t have anything to show identical to what you need. They don’t need to be experts in your industry – that’s your job. Their job is to create copy that sells.

As you are going to be working closely together it’s essential you ‘click’.

As for their fee – let’s put it this way, if they’ll do all that you ask for the price of a tea bag, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Good copywriting isn’t cheap, but it is an investment that will continue to work for your business for as long as it’s ‘out there’.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

So, when you next need expert copywriting help make sure you find the right person for you and trust them – they know what they’re doing.

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#1 Josh Monen on 03.02.12 at 2:43 am

Great post! As a freelance copywriter I can say it is funny when clients try to revise the entire copy they just paid a professional to write. It doesn’t happen much but every now and then I’ll get a client that I wonder, “Hey, why didn’t you just do this yourself?”

One thing I noticed too…it’s usually the “tire kickers” who always want to scrutinize every part. The ones I call “quality clients” don’t tend to do this.

Just something I noticed. Thanks for the post!

#2 Scott Martin on 03.05.12 at 12:52 am

Excellent post. The key is to persuade the decision maker that you’re not a writer, you’re a salesperson.

This changes everything because even the most moronic business person understands the importance of hiring good salespeople.

It’s a big point of emphasis for me.

#3 admin on 03.08.12 at 10:07 am

So true Scott

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