What Is The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media?

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blogSerious SEO services and bloggers realize the importance of using both SEO tools and social media to increase their online visibility. Embracing both methods to enhance recognition is more effective than using either approach alone.

An event involving Rebecca Black of SEOmoz is a good example of what social media can accomplish. She was unhappy with Verizon Wireless and spoke with a customer service rep to correct the issue, but to no avail. She tweeted her dissatisfaction and promptly received a tweet in return, by a different rep that solved the issue. Social media made that happen because of the connections it creates.

Benefits of SEO

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • AdWords
  • Analytics

In short, SEO is strategy. Any kind of website can be well-known in certain communities, but without an effective link building campaign spurring traffic, competitive sites who build links see more visibility. Keyword research is an effective aspect of increasing rank, especially thorough long-tail keyword research, contributing to conversion rates. AdWords is paid advertising links. Google Analytics is a robust set of marketing tools that monitors activity and measures everything.

Benefits of Social Campaigns

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Blogging networks
  • Similar communities

Websites and blogs at the top of the SERPs don’t get there by SEO alone. They have strong communal ties, discussion boards and other interactive aspects. Social news websites like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon allow the dissemination and sharing of links to content, as well as commenting and voting.

The Left Brain / Right Brain Approach


SEO is the left brain, logically categorizing data. The left brain analyzes website dimensions and metrics, collating all that data to form a strategy that will appease search engine spiders and visitors. “How do I optimize R = S / V?” “I have to increase PS = (N – W) / S!” That is SEO, tactically building an online presence geared a little more toward feeding code to search engines than reaching out to people.


Social media is the right brain, seeing the bigger picture. Holistic synthesis is a tool of the right brain, imagining several components working in harmony. Social media is about making new connections, building an online presence that leans more toward sharing with responsive people than churning out code for unfeeling search engines.

Websites can be effective, entertaining or informative with a low rank, and without an SEO strategy in place. Conversely, websites can rank fairly well due to good SEO, yet be ineffective, unfunny or uninformative. Both types of websites do not fare well in the long run. Competitors to such sites lead the way because they implement SEO while leveraging the power of social media to their benefit.

Everyone Benefits

Not long ago, social media and SEO were separate entities, serving different purposes. Once businesses from large corporations to indie labels learned how to generate buzz, social media/cyber-public relations became an effective partner to SEO implementations, essentially fusing with SEO. The goal of social campaigns is brand recognition.

Whether your brand is a product, service, or just you – many times it’s all three – remember that people drive your business. Opening 20 different accounts on social sites and leaving them to gather dust does no good. The social sites themselves add no value to your brand, nor do they generate traffic or revenue. Recognition, traffic and revenue come from people, the new acquaintances made during a social campaign. Like building links, a social campaign is promotion that’s done offsite. Also like link building, a strong social campaign is an ongoing process rather than a quick remedy.

1. Use SEO to tweak code, enhance conversion rates and increase search visibility.

2. Add social campaigns to drive more traffic to your well-oiled machine.

3. Reap the rewards.

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