Landing Pages – Establishing Trust

landing pages - trustHow do you feel when you search for something and find yourself on a landing page?

  • Do you navigate away before you’re sold something?
  • Do you hang around and have a read?
  • Do you sigh and head back to your search result list for a real website?

People react differently to landing pages. To some they just scream BUY ME NOW because let’s face it, they expect to sell you something.

So how do you build trust and convince people you’re genuine and that it’s a good thing that they’ve landed on your page?

In previous posts I’ve already looked at what you should have on your landing page and what you can do to improve your conversion rate, so now I want to look at how you can encourage your visitors to trust you. After all, if there’s no trust there won’t be any sales.

How to gain trust

Most people don’t like being sold to. A landing page is there to sell (or gather leads etc.) so you’ll have to work hard to gain your visitors’ trust.

There are three main ways you can do this:

1. Testimonials

The good old testimonial – what would we do without them?

People like to hear how other people felt about buying from you. They want to know if the product worked how the customer service was etc.

Ideally the testimonials you use on your landing page will be linked to the product or service it is offering. That way you can convey all its benefits in your copywriting and your testimonials can back it up with real examples from happy customers.

2. Trusted logos

Are you or your company a member of an industry regulatory body, local business group or do you have some sort of certification relating to your product/service?

If the answer is yes, add their logo to your landing page. This will help establish trust because you’ll be seen as a bona fide company.

3. Privacy policy

This is very important if you’re looking to capture email addresses on your landing page.

No one wants to sign up for something only to be bombarded by emails from third parties.

Make sure you either have a few sentences outlining your privacy policy or link to your privacy policy page within your main website. If you do the latter make sure the link opens the page in a new window because you don’t want them to leave your landing page.

These simple tips will help you gain the trust of your visitors. Do you do anything else? If so please share it by leaving a comment.

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#1 Reginald Jackson on 06.17.11 at 5:15 am

The one thing about a landing page is for people who are looking to buy something, a good landing page will make the sale.

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