Article Headlines – How to Make Them Great

article marketingThe art of a great article – other than interesting content people want to read – is a striking headline that makes it stand out.

Articles are a great way of building back links to your website and so give a boost to your SEO. Whether you write them yourself or you hire in a copywriter, a steady stream of submissions will give your online visibility and reputation a boost.

Every article website out there contains thousands and thousands of articles on just about every subject you can imagine, so if you want yours to be read and shared it has to stand out and be visible.

There are numerous posts around the internet on how to write great headlines but below are 7 simple tips that will help you create something that will make people stop and loiter at your article.

1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate the use of exclamation marks. I will generally go out of my way to avoid using them.

If your point is really vital use language and tone to convey its importance not an exclamation mark. To me it’s a very lazy way of making a point. Plus it gives the impression you’re shouting at your reader and that’s not a nice thing to do.

2. Be honest

You might think a great way of dragging readers into your article is by offering them the world. But if your headline offers something other than what’s in your article you’ll lose their trust and they’re unlikely to read anything else you read.

3. Don’t over-egg it

This is similar to number 2. But this time rather than using the headline to make a statement that is obviously untrue, over-egging it means giving an over exaggerated claim. For example giving a headline saying “Discover the top 3 tips that’ll make you a millionaire over night” – yeah, like that’s going to happen.

4. Overstatement is bad

Rather than exaggerating and making false claims to grab your readers’ attention, why not get creative. Have fun with language and use it in a way that’s eye-catching. Use words that will intrigue; use puns and play with the meaning of words to create something memorable.

5. Shhhh

If at all possible resist the urge to use the word ‘secret’ in your heading. There are very few things you are likely to write about which are truly secret. And if you did the chances are you’d be hauled off to a Government covert installation somewhere, never to be seen again.

6. Humour

If you are able to write humorously to grab attention then do so. But be warned. Very few people can pull this one off. Just because it makes you laugh doesn’t mean it will make everyone laugh.

I’m sure at some time you’ve sent an email with an ‘ironic tone’ only to find you’ve offended the recipient. You see, what sounds ironic or funny in your mind as you write may not be conveyed that way when it’s read so extreme caution should be used when trying to be funny in writing.

This 6 simple tips will help you create headlines that work. By pointing out what not to do, you should be able to create something honest, eye catching and intriguing that will draw your readers to you time and again.

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